It’s a myth that companies don’t hire during the holiday season. Hiring may take longer, as people are distracted by year-end deadlines and holiday events. But companies that need to spend down their budgets may do so by hiring. Sometimes, departments that need to refill a position scramble to hire before December 31 to ensure they maintain their headcount into the next year. So don’t slow down your search. Besides, you’ll probably have less competition, as everyone else keeps on believing  no one gets hired in December!
Even if you don’t land a new job by New Year’s, the holiday season is a great time for networking–and that’s the best way to find a job. Here are some ways to incorporate the holidays into your job search:

  • Go to your professional association’s holiday party.

Most professional associations have year-end events, and members who might not be active at other times will show up now. Set your calendar and decide what you’ll attend so you budget the time. If you’re not comfortable at these large mixers (I’m not, but I still go!), think about volunteering to help with registration. This way you’ll have a built-in reason to speak to everyone.