Ho! Ho! Ho! Put a smile on your face this holiday season by finally pressing the go button on a transition to the career you’ve dreamed of. Whether it’s working for a different company in your field, going back to school for new certification or a degree, changing fields, becoming a solopreneur, or starting a small business, here some businesses and organizations that can help you out.

Pivot Planet: This new resource, from the same team that brought you Vocation Vacations (test drive your new career on your next vacation), puts you together with a mentor in a field you want to enter, whether you want to be an organic farmer or television producer or a technology entrepreneur. You pay by the hour and can choose to brainstorm with your mentor by phone, one-on-one video conferencing, or the in-person experience that was the hallmark of Vocation Vacations.

iRelaunch: Since 2006, this organization has been creating opportunities for people who want to return to work after a time away from the work force. There are conferences and events where you can network with career experts and potential employers, as well as career reentry programs. iRelaunch’s is to “support mid-career professionals – and the companies who want to hire them.”

The Reinvention Institute: Most career coaches work with career-changing clients; Pamela Mitchell has made this market niche her company’s specialty. Her book, The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention, was recommended by the Harvard Business Review, and her Reinvention Cards offer an imaginative way to consider the big questions you face in changing your career. Classes, assessments and corporate seminars.

SBA: The Small Business Administration offers a wealth of advice for anybody starting a company. You can read up on a special topic, from obtaining a business license to applying for grants and loans. You can take an online course (intro to starting your own business, how to write a business plan), even get matched up with a mentor.

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