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We've rebuilt our site to help you even more with your work and career. We have a new name – Life Reimagined for Work – a new look, and a host of new features to help you navigate next steps from job search to career management to starting a business.

With our expanded new site, we've added powerful tools and exercises to help you define and reach your goals.

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The Work Reimagined Pledge

Working with AARP, participating companies have signed a pledge to level the playing field for experienced workers. Work Reimagined is a national effort to help employers solve their current and future staffing challenges and direct job seekers to employers that value and are hiring experienced workers. Employers who sign the Pledge agree that they have:

  • Openness to the value of mature workers
  • Nondiscriminatory HR policies
  • Immediate hiring needs (at the time of Pledge signature)
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